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CPM launches AniMail, makes announcements

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Ageha Ito

CPM launches AniMail, makes announcements

Wednesday, January 20, 1999 in News & Info, Anime News. Leave a comment

Late last week, Central Park Media (and subsidiary U.S. Manga Corps) launched their new online publication, AniMail. Similar in structure and format to Pioneer's Pac De America newsletter, AniMail features columns and plugs by various CPM staffers, as well as bonus offers. (This month's offer was a bundle of both volumes of Tokyo Babylon, subtitled or dubbed, for $14.95.)

Helping to launch the new site is the offer for readers to obtain a free imported trading card from the series Revolutionary Girl Utena. (Visit the site at http://www.centralparkmedia.com/ for more information.)

CPM also made news on the site by officially announcing the licensing of Slayers Next and the new Record of Lodoss War TV series. Slayers Next will be released in April, subtitled and dubbed, for $19.95 each. Also announced was the new Midnight Panther OAV, based on the manga already published by CPM's comics division. Midnight Panther will see a summer '99 release, but little other information was given.

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