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Fansub update: Technogirls, Kodocha

Monday, October 12, 1998

Ageha Ito

Fansub update: Technogirls, Kodocha

Monday, October 12, 1998 in News & Info, Anime News. Leave a comment

TechnoGirl Barbara Chambers announced Monday the completion of the third volume of their acclaimed series "Blue-Green Years" (also known as Mizuiro Jidai, or Aqua-Age). The volume was translated by Anna Exter, who was recently hired by Bandai's AnimeVillage.com for translation of their tapes.

Kodocha Anime has announced that they are looking for a Canadian distributor of their titles. John Pfeiffer, head of Distribution at Kodocha, mentioned that it was difficult finding those with enough resources that were planning to stick around for any period of time. 1) Have SVHS play decks and/or excellent VHS decks to play/record. "We expect a minimum of 4 - 8 decks total... That you honor all requests, use only HiFi tape... Charge no more than $18-20 US for three tapes", and are quick. Those interested should contact John Pfeiffer at

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