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Anine Village News

Thursday, September 10, 1998

Ageha Ito

Anine Village News

Thursday, September 10, 1998 in News & Info, Anime News. Leave a comment

Anime Village, the web site run by Bandai of America for the purpose of selling its own tapes, has announced plans to release dubbed versions of the three Gundam movies as well as 0083. (Due to the way 0080 was mixed, certain sections of the audio track will have to be redone in order to complete a dubbed version, but it is in the works.) Anime Village is planning to dub more titles in the future, and is also planning on releasing more of the Gundam series.

Simultaneously, they are ending the "self-imposed ban" on orders originating from the Canadian province of Quebec, a problem that angered many people. While some fans say that the entire concept was the product of an ill-advised legal move on Bandai's part, Bandai attributes the change to a "special envoy" to the Canadian government. In fansub circles, the Canadian customs department has gotten the reputation for being extremely tough to deal with, and many shipments are either sent back or confiscated, in a seemingly random fashion.

Finally, Anime Village also announced the introduction of a special "group discount" program available exclusively to organized anime clubs ordering a large quantity of tapes (15 or more per title), and the group must provide some proof of their existence, such as a club roster or program). Group discount members will get 25% off of the suggested retail price provided by Bandai (for legal reasons, since they don't distribute through retail channels at the current time), as well as free bulk-rate shipping.

Anime Village is quick to warn that tapes acquired by this manner are not subject to rental or resale, and that should they find that the system is being abused, they may discontinue the program at any time.

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